BORE 05 – LOOSE LEAF EDITIONS is made up of seven single-page scores written by composers  and artists including Jason Brogan, Patrick Farmer, Sarah Hughes, Joseph Clayton Mills, Michael Pisaro, Mark So and David Stent. Published as a short run limited edition, the scores are printed on Cyclus 170gsm recycled paper, debossed with a BORE stamp, and collated in a screen printed envelope.

The scores employ a broad range of approaches to text-based composition. From exploiting correlations between image and sign, drawing on literary and poetic sources, referencing diagrammatic models, or responding to a specific place or scenario, the contributors demonstrate the vibrancy and invention in contemporary composition. 

Jason Brogan Toccata (2016)

Patrick Farmer This has already had a history 4 (2013)

Sarah Hughes Architectural Model Making 1.2 (2014)

Joseph Clayton Mills For St. Andrew in West Dean (2016)

Michael Pisaro A contingency (2013)

Mark So  13-28 vii 17 (2017)

David R J Stent S / NS (2017)

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